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August 24th, 2009 at 05:26 pm

Is how much money I have made on this month. I have sold 19 books this month.

What started as four boxes of books waiting to be sold has become three boxes of books. I can't wait until they are all gone. Too bad I don't have a never ending supply of books waiting to be sold. Lol.

I will be receiving a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble in the mail very soon. I have a credit card with them and they have a rewards program where every 2,500 points (1 point= $1) you get, you receive a $25 gift card for the store. It is automatic so I don't have to do anything (besides using my credit card that is). And no annual fee.

I'm thinking a buying a cookbook or two with the gift card. My dad said James Beard is a great cookbook author to look for. I was also thinking of getting a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I could spend hours in Barnes and Noble (and frequently do) just browsing so it might take me a looooooong time to decide what to do with the gift card.

I called AT&T because I was worried about my bill. Or the lack of bill I should say. I signed up for internet about a month ago with them and no bill so far. So I called and the representative hunted down my account and told me they mailed my bill on Friday so it should be arriving within a week. If it doesn't arrive then, call again. I am very relieved to hear that it will be arriving soon. I thought I had missed it in the mail!

I did the grocery shopping this morning and spent $40.74. It was higher than usual because I had to buy cat food and litter. While there I completely forgot to buy notebooks for fiance and I so I must go back to Walmart again to get the notebooks. I won't buy them at the student store because one notebook will cost about $7! And I need 10 of them (or 2 five-subject notebooks...).

My first class begins in about an hour and a half so I have to get ready for it.

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  1. M E 2 Says:

    Just an FYI, James Beard has been dead for about 25 years, so I don't know if his books are readily available for sale.

    However, if they are not, you may want to look for James Beard award winning author's books.

    The James Beard Award is the Oscar of/for cookbooks.


  2. cassandra Says:

    I looked on B&N's website and they have a couple of his books (I think Beard on Bread and one other). If they are out of print I can buy them online.

    I had no idea there was an Oscar award for cookbooks. That is so cool.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    i have so many cookbooks, they are my addiction.
    rick stein is great. also kurma dasa is very good, but you probably wouldn't want a hare krishna inspired vegetarian cookbook Big Grin i have a soft spot for jamie oliver so have a few of his books too.

    i have heaps of others, but can't remember the name. i'd say i easily have 30 or more recipe books Big Grin

  4. cassandra Says:

    A year ago if you had mentioned a hare krishna inspired vegetarian cookbook to me I would have said "ummm... no". But now it actually sounds interesting! I think I want to get a couple of good, basic, general cookbooks before I delve into the wonderful world of more unusual cookbooks.

  5. whitestripe Says:

    lol. it's not really unusual, there are a lot of indian recipes and curries. those things i cook on a daily basis so that's probably why i don't think they are unusual though... Big Grin

  6. cassandra Says:

    To me, a very picky eater who insisted on a very American cuisine (hamburgers, etc.), it is unusual. Like I said though, I used to be sooo picky when it came to food.

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