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Surprise gift

October 6th, 2009 at 01:22 am

My dad surprised me today by buying me a KitchenAid mixer!

He said it is an early Christmas gift- so don't expect anything under the tree. Lol.

I love it! We got it at Costco today. He told me we were going to do some grocery shopping and then led me to the aisle of stand mixers and food processors. I should have been suspicious- he said he wanted to replace the Cuisinart food processor he got 10 years ago (even though that thing still works perfectly). When we came to the stand mixers he said to pick one out.

I got a Professional HD 475 watt, 5 quart bowl, red KitchenAid mixer. I had to lift about 7 boxes of other KitchenAid mixers to get to the color I wanted. It came with four mini prep bowls and a kitchen timer (which I really need- I have been using my cell phone alarm as a timer). There is also a mail-in rebate to get a free attachment- your choice of a food slicer/shredder or a food grinder. I am opting for the slicer/shredder.

I'm so excited! I think I am going to bake some bread tomorrow using my mixer. The instruction booklet has some recipes so I might use one of those. We'll see.

In other not-so-exciting news, I had to buy light bulbs today because my cat decided to pounce on a lamp, causing the lamp to fall over, and the light bulb died. I was watching her from across the room and I just knew what was going to happen before it did. Cats.

Shopping to feel better

October 4th, 2009 at 11:05 pm

I know it isn't healthy, and can lead down a bad road, but lately I have been feeling really horrible and have the urge to shop.

The first anniversary of my mom's death is only a few weeks away and it has been getting more difficult to deal with it. I just want something to take my mind off it (something happy- school is stressful right now). I should be looking forward to my second anniversary with fiance, which is a few days before the aforementioned anniversary, but I can't get excited about it.

I haven't gone shopping, aside from grocery shopping, yet. Fiance has been really great- he's been trying to come up with different ways to get my mind off it and is being a total sweetheart.

I am annoyed with my accounting homework. It is online homework, with the website checking your answers. It gives you three chances to get the homework right and then you are marked wrong. In one problem we had to do an income statement and we had to calculate the income tax expense. I am 99.99% sure I got the right number for it but the website kept telling me I was wrong. I think the website made a mistake so I am going to talk to the teacher tomorrow.

That's about it. I may or may not be updating much. School and everything else is keeping me really busy.