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Preparing for College

July 31st, 2007 at 10:33 pm

What a shopping day!

Today I went down to the university to pick up my school ID and to find my classes. I went with friends which was a big mistake. I was able to find each of my classes, but I didn't find them in the order that I have the classes plus I also followed my friends to their classes. I'm going to take another trip down to the university in a few more days by myself.

I also got a list of books I need for my classes. 5 books are required with a 6th book being optional. I'll wait until the second or third week before I decide if I need the optional book.

I managed to buy all 5 required textbooks online today. It took me a couple hours, but I finally found the best prices for each book. 5 books for a total of $250 (including shipping). The most expensive one being my Calculus book at $78. The university sells it used for $110 (new is $150), so I saved quite a bit of money! Best of all, the same Calc book is used for the next Calc level. If I had bought my textbooks at the university it would have cost me between $361.42-501.72.

Not only did I buy my textbooks, I also bought a few basic supplies. I bought a 5 subject notebook (I'm taking 5 classes so it works out perfectly!), a large binder that has a pencil pouch and expandable file in it, a large tote bag, and some pens and pencils. The bag is huge-I'm fairly certain that I could fit in it. I spent about $40 on the supplies.

It was a fun day. I enjoyed the hours it took to find everything.

Estate Sale, part one

July 21st, 2007 at 05:28 pm

Today and tomorrow we are having our estate. From 9am-3pm (so today's sale is already over).

All I can say is, wow!

Things went quickly! And people were knocking on our door at 8am trying to get in early to get "the good stuff". Pretty much every single piece of furniture sold within an hour and a half. All that is left is some knick-knacks and one chair.

One poor, lonely, abanded chair.

I no longer have a proper bed. I have a mattress on the floor. All of my knick-knacks, books, purses, etc. still belong to yours truly. Maybe I'm selfish, but I didn't want to get rid of my stuff. I didn't even want to get rid of the "family" stuff. Our house seems so...spacy.

I'm working tomorrow so I won't be here but I'm boxing up all of my good stuff and putting "Do not cross" tape across my door.

For the rest of the night I will be reading. Harry Potter of course!

College Tuition

July 19th, 2007 at 08:03 pm

My state offers a scholarship to residents who are attending any 2-year/4-year in-state college (funded, I believe, by the tobacco industry here).

The only requirement is a certain GPA (3.25).

I received a letter today from the treasury stating that I had been awarded said scholarship (yaay!) and for every credit up to 12 credits, the scholarship will pay $80. That's $960/semester.

Subtracting the other scholarships I received, all I have to pay for the first semester's tuition is $592.50.

That doesn't include books, registration, all the other fees, etc. All in all, I'm expecting the first semester to cost about $1,200.

I've also been thinking about pledging a sorority (don't know which one), which will cost about $700-1,000/semester.

I'm very lucky, paying for undergrad will not be a problem.


July 17th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

I rarely give money to the homeless when I'm in my car. If I'm walking in or out of a building I'll stop to give them my change. But for some reason or another I feel too vulnerable handing them money from my car.

Today, however, I broke this "habit" and gave a man $4.00 from my car window. He had a sign that said, "US Veteran needs help". As the relative of many family members who have served, the sign pulled at my heart strings and I couldn't drive past him without giving him something.

I stopped by the bank to deposit another $100 into my Roth IRA and guess what I found when I stepped out of my car?

A $5.00 bill.

A dollar made by being kind. Me thinks I will keep this fiver and not spend it.

Another Day, Another Dollar

July 15th, 2007 at 07:25 pm

It was incredibly slow today at the restaurant and I earned a grand total of $7.00 in tips.

I earned $40.00 by housesitting for another neighbor that returned a couple days ago. I decided this $40 will be used for gas, with the reminder going to the Challenge.

Old Balance: $111.00
+ $2.00
New Balance: $113.00

Why I Love the Summer

July 12th, 2007 at 12:25 pm

I started babysitting and housesitting when I was 12. It's a great way to make money.

I'm 18 now and most of my neighbors no longer need babysitters. However, they still need housesitters.

I made $20 this week by watering the plants for one neighbor. I'm taking care of another neighbor's hamsters while they're out of town (they get back tonight).

Another $20 into the Challenge...

Old Balance: $91.00
+ $20
New Balance: $111.00

Buy 1, Get 2 Free

July 9th, 2007 at 07:21 pm

Eyeglass World is having a great sale-buy one pair of glasses and get two free. Lens and everything is include. I needed a pair of sunglasses (never had one before) and decided to take advantage of the sale.

I bought three pairs of glasses for $214.57. New prescriptions lens too.

The sale only lasts until July 21,2007. They are also having sales on designer glasses, sunglasses, and contacts.

A Budget Worksheet

July 8th, 2007 at 06:57 pm

After talking to my parents about credit cards and reading about them here, I've decided to take the plunge and get a student credit card to be used expressly for gas. I've found one that sounds (and is) great-the Citibank Student Driver's Edge Mastercard.

I read through almost two pages of Terms and Conditions, and while very tedious, I'm sooo glad I did. I had to take a couple breaks, but I got through it alive.

Since I withdraw cash for gas, I decided that when I gas up I'm going to enter the amount into my checkbook register rounded up. That way when the bill comes I have money to cover it without having to scramble.

As I was doing research I found a budget worksheet on citibank's website. It's geared towards teens, but can be used for anyone. It even has a section to put away money each month towards a goal.

Text is http://www.citi.com/us/cards/cm/student/spend02.htm and Link is