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Trying to decide

July 19th, 2009 at 01:09 pm

I'm really torn.

There is a cooking class in three days that I really, really want to take. It costs $85 so I'm a little hesitant to sign up for it.

Yesterday at work I got $45 in cash tips, totally unexpected. I was thinking of using the money I got for the class and the remaining $40 will come out of the paycheck I get tomorrow.

But... I also want to use the $45 to buy some things for our apartment. All we need now is some kitchen knives. I probably won't buy a full set, but just a few knives to start with.

I'm so torn! Fiance says to do both, and while I'm really tempted to do so, I don't think it is the best idea. We're combining finances tomorrow so we'll have about $9,000 in savings after tomorrow.

I feel like I've been spending a lot lately. When looking over what we have spent, we spent about $500 on stuff for the apartment this past month. That includes a bed, small appliances, cleaning supplies, towels, and some plants. Even though we have spent a lot, the vast majority of things in our apartment are from family and friends.

Plus we will need to pay tuition soon and buy books. Fortunately, fiance won't have to worry about that. He receives more scholarship money each semester than what his tuition is and can buy books with what he gets back. I, on the other hand, have to pay a little each semester plus books.

BUT...if I don't take the class, I will regret it. I've been looking forward to it and the class won't come again for a few months. And my dad has like three sets of knives and has said that I can borrow some knives until we can buy our own.

I think the way to go would be to borrow some knives from my dad and take the cooking class. Then a month or two from now buy some knives for ourselves.

I have this entire week off from work. Fiance and I have decided that the 25th (this Saturday) we will move officially into our apartment. My brother and I need some space from each other. So this week will be spent moving the last of our stuff into the apartment. I can't wait!

3 Responses to “Trying to decide”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    what types of cooking techniques will you be learning at the cooking class?

    my dad bought me a set of global knives for my birthday a few years ago. i had used them previously at work, so i asked him for them because i LOVE them! Big Grin

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Cooking classes are a very good investment. You learn some techniques in the kitchen that help you stay motivated to cook vs. eat out.

  3. cassandra Says:

    I decided to go with the class. I signed up for it not long after I wrote this post (blogging helps me clear my head). We'll get the knives next month we decided.

    Here's the description of the class: "Master the fundamental culinary techniques such as knife skills, sautéing, poaching, reductions and basic pan sauces. Anyone can participate in this first class of the hands-on Techniques series. Good cooking is not a mystery; it is all about time-tested techniques. Expand your culinary skills and get cooking with confidence!"

    The only thing I know how to do from the description is sauteing. Kind of. Lol.

    Ceejay, part of why I want to take classes is to help me want to eat out less. Already we rarely eat out for dinner, unless we have it planned (and we haven't planned it for awhile). But knowing more about cooking would probably help me come up with more ideas for dinner.

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