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I forgot a payment!

May 17th, 2009 at 02:13 am

I can't believe I forgot to make a payment!

Not on my CC, but for my summer tuition! The $400 was due yesterday and I completely forgot! I can still pay until Tuesday, with late fees of course. I think the late fee is $25/day.

Arrggh. I doubt that the financial services building will be open tomorrow but I'll stop by just to be sure.

So the summer tuition is $418.50 + $75 (late fee guess) now. While I'm there I'm going to pay the second half of the summer tuition (not due for another month) just to be safe. Dad said he will cover the second half of the tuition bill.

Live and learn, right? I'll be out $75 (or around there)- expensive lesson to learn.

3 Responses to “I forgot a payment!”

  1. lizajane Says:

    I wouldn't think they would/could charge late fees for the days that they aren't open, so hopefully it's just $25 late fee.

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    Can you pay on line to avoid having late fees growing?

    And if not, ask them to waive the fees for the days they are closed, that seems a little unfair.

  3. cassandra Says:

    I assumed that I would be charged $25/day even the days they aren't open. I'll cross my fingers that I'm wrong though.

    As for paying online, my school's online system is really stupid. It's only "open" for a few hours a day on Saturday and Sunday and by the time I realized I missed the payment, it was already "closed". It doesn't open until noon tomorrow. I have errands to run so it's easier to stop by the school tomorrow. If not, I can pay online after 12 pm tomorrow.

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