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To Do List

March 12th, 2009 at 01:40 pm

Tomorrow I need to do the following:
1. Make an appointment with my advisor. I need to talk with him about pursuing graduate school for accounting or finance. And make sure I am on the right track for my Math major.

2. Talk to the Accounting advisor. I need to know which classes I might have to take and what (if anything) I need to do to declare a minor in accounting (I might have to apply to the College of Business first). I also need to make sure that if I do minor in accounting, and go on to graduate school for it, that it is enough to become a CPA (my state requires 150 hours to become certified).

I do hope neither one of them tells me to change my major. I love math and do not want to change my major to something else. Of course, if it is the only way to get things done, I might have to. But I am still unsure if I want to go into finance/accounting.

What I need to do today:
1. Fill out the form for adjusting my tax return.
2. Help my boyfriend with his taxes.

I wish I could do the taxes now, but will have to wait until later tonight (currently being at school and all).

The DOW went up more today. I kind of wish it had stayed low. I want to get into the stock market this year, but am uncomfortable doing so until I have more saved. But who knows how the market will be a few months from now?

2 Responses to “To Do List”

  1. Amber Says:

    I met with my adviser today in order to apply for graduation and everything is great. I love accounting but finance, hmmmm I can do with out
    Good luck

  2. cassandra Says:

    I'm glad things are on track for your graduation! That's wonderful!

    Of the two, I like accounting more. I like the numbers. But I definitely want to talk with both advisors about accounting vs. finance more thoroughly.

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