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March 8th, 2009 at 02:19 pm

So a quick run down of everything:

Work: This upcoming week I work 2 days: Friday and Saturday. Saturday will be easy, but Friday I am worried about. It is a good sized party (90), and they will be given a menu to choose from (if they want to order). They will mostly be drinking. I do not like parties where they can order food. I do not like actually serving. I almost always mess up. But, because they will be drinking, they will tip more. The only tips we get from this banquet will be any cash tips we receive.

Condo: Carpet repair men will be coming tomorrow. My boyfriend, brother, and myself just finished moving the dining room table, chairs, and hutch (for the third time!) out of the dining room. After they are done (hopefully it is a one day job!), all that is left is finishing the counters.

And just as one problem is wrapping up, another one begins. I think I need to call the washer repairman down to look at the washer machine. It is making funny noises during the spin cycle, so I think something might have become loose. I looked in the washer and felt around (it is a top loader), but didn't feel anything loose.

Everything else: (I'm too lazy to think of different categories.) I completely forgot to make an appointment with my advisor so I really need to do that tomorrow. I believe within the next month registration will begin, but I am not certain.

I went grocery shopping and forgot to buy sunscreen for the second time. I wear it every day but ran out about 1.5 weeks ago. Must remember to buy it on way to school tomorrow!

I hate wallets. I have been using a Coach mini skinny that I bought a few months ago as my wallet. It fits my cards and my car keys and is small enough to fit in just about every purse. But, when my boyfriend gave me a wallet for my birthday I decided to use it. It is a very pretty, albeit bulky, wallet. Today I wanted to use a small purse so I move my wallet into the purse and the wallet takes up the entire inside of the purse! Argh. Not wanting to completely change my wallet, I took out my ID, cash, and debit card and put that in the purse.

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