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October 2nd, 2008 at 03:50 pm

I joined a survey site a couple months ago. I was expecting to make more than I am, but every little bit helps.

The most frustrating thing is that opinionoutpost.com has surveys that will kick you out halfway through the survey if you don't meet the criteria!

It gets soooo annoying to be working on a survey and get the "We're sorry, but you don't match the needs of this survey.". Gah! I filled out all the personality reports for the survey site so shouldn't they know if I match the criteria? I'm tempted to delete/modify those personality reports to try to get more surveys. And hopefully more surveys offered will mean more surveys I can actually complete!

It is the second of October and I've spent all of money spending money for this month. I bought a really cute pair of shoes for $10 and the rest I spent on the anniversary present for my boyfriend.

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