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And the Challenge Begins!

May 29th, 2007 at 02:11 pm

Thanks to everyone who cleared up my questions regarding the $20 Challenge. I'm going to bend the rules slightly though. Instead of starting with $20, I'm going to start with a grand total of $0 and build up from there. All of my money that I "earn" from this challenge will go into a special box until the end of the year, when I roll it up and bring it to the bank. I've decided to split it among 3 accounts: 1/3 into savings, 1/3 in checking, and 1/3 into my Roth IRA. [So I can pay myself but still treat myself!]

My money-saving habits thus far:

1. I always pay with bills and put the spare change into a coin jar.

2. The only coupons I use are for Barnes & Noble and I only use them if I can combine them with my membership discount.

3. The extent of my DIY-ness is making jewelry. Which actually doesn't save me as much money as one would think...

4. I shop at thrift stores, secondhand book stores, garage sales, etc.

None of the money saved from the above will count towards my money challenge.

Today I "thought of" (I actually stole this from someone else but now I'm going to use it) saving all the one dollar bills I receive. I went to the movies today and a matinee cost $6.25. I paid with a ten dollar bill and received $3.75 back. I'm taking the 3 ones and putting them into my special box.

Money challenge balance: $3.00.

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