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Slap on the wrist

March 20th, 2009 at 05:35 pm

We'll start with the good:

I got my paycheck today, it was for $258.51. So I put $129.26 into savings, $77.55 into IRA, and $51.70 for spending money.

And now the bad news...

I *kind* of went over budget today. I know, I know! Bad Cassandra! Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday and I finally figured out what to get him. I got him a $25 visa gift card for when he goes drinking tomorrow and a nice chess set ($50). I had budgeted $75 for his birthday so I went a few dollars over when you take sales tax into consideration.

But the real budget kicker was our little day trip today. I spent $19 on lunch for the two of us, I bought myself a $6 lip gloss (normally I wouldn't have spent so much on lip gloss but it had a funny tube!), $16 on fudge (it was REALLY good fudge!), $15 on gas, and on the way home I bought myself a small sandwich and drink ($9). Total spent: $65. Planned: $50.

Fortunately I have some spending money at home from the past couple paychecks that I haven't spent yet. I didn't think I would spend so much today so I didn't have enough cash for everything and had to charge the rest. Tomorrow I will go to the bank and deposit some of my spending money to cover my CC. So while I did spend more than I expected, I do have the cash to cover it. I just didn't have it with me at the time.

Ironically, the reason I left the rest of my money at home was because I didn't want to spend it all. We don't normally take day trips and normally we would have split the cost of it but because it is his birthday tomorrow I wanted to pay.

So I went over budget by $15. Actually $20 if you include the sales tax.

3 Responses to “Slap on the wrist”

  1. Amber Says:

    It's ok to splurge some times as long as you know your limits and it is not an every day thing Big Grin

  2. cassandra Says:

    Yeah, this will not be an every day thing. And we had a lot of fun today so I wouldn't trade that time for anything.

  3. asmom Says:

    Oh shame on you! Oh I'm kidding. It sounds like you had a fun day, relax and enjoy it. At least you had the money to cover it.

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