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My Credit Score

October 22nd, 2008 at 06:18 pm

A week or two ago I sent in a request to receive my credit report from all three credit bureaus.

I've received my report from TransUnion. I thought that it would include my credit score, but I was mistaken.

Good news: everything on my credit report is correct and there is no fraud showing.

The only thing I found weird was that there were a lot more inquiries into my credit report than I expected. There were a lot of "Promotional Inquiries". But the report says that no one but me sees those inquiries and they don't affect my score.

I'm a little disappointed that my score wasn't included. I was really hoping to see that. Where do I go to find out my score? I'm guessing that I'll have to pay for it.

Now I wait for my other two reports to arrive.

4 Responses to “My Credit Score”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I just checks mine and BB's score too- ours were all correct too!

  2. terri77 Says:

    I believe that you have to pay for your credit score now. You used to be able to get that free once a year as well.

  3. kristinecfp Says:

    You can go to www.creditkarma.com to check your credit score for free. This is a new service. Your score is free (no strings) but immediately below your score will be several credit card offers (which is how the site makes money).

    So annualcreditreport.com for your free credit report, and creditkarma.com for your free credit score.

  4. Cassandra Says:

    Thanks kristinecfp! I guess I was a little confused on the terms... I assumed getting your credit score was just that- you only got your score and a report meant both the score and the report.

    I'll go to creditkarma.com to get my score.

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