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Freebie day

July 10th, 2009 at 07:03 pm

I was not expecting to have today off. I was supposed to work but they didn't need me so I got to go home.

Of course I won't get paid for today but that also means I get to hang out with my friends tonight. And spend money instead of making money. :P

Things have been going very slow lately financially. Fiance and I added him to my checking account so we can write checks for the rent and pay for groceries and things. Now we are talking about completely combining finances, having a joint savings instead of separate savings. We're still discussing it and trying to figure out if that is the right thing to do. We both trust each other with money and there's no doubt about the other mishandling the money. We're not going to make a decision soon but the idea is on the table.

My last class ended today! Yay! No more classes until late August; what am I going to do with my free time?

On the same note, I am thinking of enrolling in a cooking class later this month. It cost $85 and is a 2-3 hour class, everything supplied for me. It will teach basics of cooking: using a knife, etc. Perfect for me as I need to master the basics. We'll see.

So far I've sold about $20 of books on ebay. I have about 30 more books I was thinking of selling. I changed my mind but I have 55 listed (I added more!) and I just want to get rid of the books. So I will donate the books to Goodwill.

4 Responses to “Freebie day”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    you will probably get a lot of people saying not to combine finances until you are married - however, I am here to say otherwise Big Grin
    a lot of it has to do with trust, as you have already said you trust each other anyway. it's easy to say from the outside looking in all the bad things that happen to people who aren't married etc etc (just look at my house-buying posts from a few months back!) but you are a smart girl, and no-one is in the relationship but you two, so you have the say in what you do.

    DF and I combined finances when we bought the house, and then we got engaged afterwards (completely unexpected and unplanned).
    I still keep track of everything, we go halves on everything housewise, entertainment wise etc, but I do keep track of how much either one of us makes on extra payments into the mortgage. I do this mainly for DF, even though he has never asked me to, because when his mum and dad were getting separated, his dad found out that while he was putting all his money in their joint account, his mum had a separate account with money stashed she had stashed away. she was the 'financial' one of the couple, as am i, so even though i wouldn't do that to DF and even though he hasn't asked me to, I want to have a record of his contributions (as his are more than mine).

    Combining finances makes EVERYTHING easier, and I found it made us feel even closer too. When you decide to go out to eat, it's a joint decision, when you decide to buy something for the house, it's a joint decision. A key thing though is to make sure the other listens when one doesn't want to buy something or spend on something. Smile
    good luck!

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    Every situation is different and you have to decide what is right for YOU! DH and I combined finances from day one and that works best for us. He has ADD and life really just works better if I'm in control of all this financial stuff with very little input from him. 10 years later (2 1/2 engaged, the rest married) and he's finally taking a little interest in things. At one point we decided to have "separate" checking accounts with allowance money. It taught us BOTH to be more responsible with our spending on unnecessary things. Now I don't track it anymore. Mine gets dumped back into the household budget - minus my roth contribution. Not sure what he does with his and I don't care. No matter what, you MUST have separate "mad money" when you combine finances. Saves sanity all around!

  3. whitestripe Says:

    oh yes, i forgot to mention that. df and i call it fun money. he spends his on beer and tools mainly, and i spend mine on coffees with friends, clothes and magazines. Smile we share the cost of work clothes, mainly because we can claim them as a tax deduction.

  4. cassandra Says:

    Thanks guys for your advice! I've been mulling it over and have relayed it to finance. We are still talking, but your advice does help. Smile

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