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And this is why you should keep receipts

June 12th, 2009 at 02:45 pm

I used to be very dedicated at keeping receipts. I would put the receipts in an envelope labelled with the month and the end of the year put the small envelopes into a big envelope for the year.

And now? Well there are some receipts under the bed, in the bathroom, I'm pretty sure I'm sitting on a couple too.

I just received a big kick in the pants today to get back to my super organized ways. When I picked up my meds about 2 weeks ago the pharmacist said insurance wasn't going to cover it. Weird, as my insurance has always covered it and there was no change to our insurance plan. So I called my doc's office and spoke to her nurse. The nurse said she would handle it.

I called the pharmacist today to make sure my insurance will cover it because I have to pick up my meds in two weeks. The pharmacist said that yes, my insurance is covering it, and it was supposed to cover it for last time. She told me to come by and they will reimburse me for the difference.

But what did I do with the receipt?

God only knows where it could be.

Maybe they'll give me the reimbursement without the receipt. Surely they have it on file how much I paid the last time I picked it up.

On a hunch, I looked over my ledger for my checking and savings- I haven't updated them in a month. Bills are scattered about too. The ones coming due are on my desk but the ones already paid are here and there and everywhere!

I really need to get reorganized.

4 Responses to “And this is why you should keep receipts”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck getting organized!

  2. north georgia gal Says:

    It is easy to slip into disorganization! Just get back to what works for you!

  3. tightwad kitty Says:

    Hop to it!

    Keeping track of your spending & income along the keeping your receipts will save you money in the end.

    I keep my receipts for two years or longer or until I no longer own them. All warranties and receipts are filed together until I no longer own them.

  4. lizajane Says:

    Are you peeking in my windows?! I have a disorganized mess too! I think the pharmacy should have a record, I mean they HAVE to, right? Good luck with the refund,

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