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End of the week

June 7th, 2009 at 07:51 pm

I finished the essay. It took a lot of coercing to get me to actually sit down and do it, but between my numerous breaks I actually got a lot done. Honestly, I rarely procrastinate this much. But this assignment... maybe because it is summer.

I have made a decision about my future apartment: no plastic! I try to be as green as possible (cloth pads/towels/napkins, those light bulbs, etc.). I refuse to buy anything new that is plastic, but I would be willing to buy something used that is plastic. My dad and grandma have been handing us old kitchen supplies they no longer need. As time goes on we'll slowly replace things.

We are getting a lot of furniture too:
1. Recliner from my grandma
2. Dresser from my grandma
3. Writing desk that will be used as a dinning room table from my grandma
4. Possibly a sleeper sofa from boyfriend's mom
5. Possibly a bookcase from boyfriend's mom
6. Coffee table from my grandma

The bookcase will need to be repainted. I think a pale yellow would be good. Boyfriend and I have decided to go for "French Country" theme in the apartment.

Boyfriend and I have decided that we will combine finances when we move into our apartment. We'll get a joint checking account and all of our paychecks will be going directly into that account. At the end of the month we will split whatever is left between us to put into our savings. I know it would be better to save money first, but I'm not sure how much we'll have leftover each month for savings.

We're going to try this for a couple months and see how it goes. If there aren't any problems we'll keep with it. If there are we'll figure something out. We haven't decided if we will keep track of our spending. The main thing we have to worry about is keeping grocery costs low.

I have so much to do tomorrow:
1. Stop by lawyer office
2. Classes
3. Possibly sign lease- I need to find out when we have to sign it and they haven't called me back
4. Drop my car at mechanics (they are closed on the weekends)
5. Grocery shopping
6. More homework

I haven't even had the chance to make a menu for the week and the grocery list for tomorrow.

2 Responses to “End of the week”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    good luck combining finances. it works for some and it doesnt for others. DF and I kept them separate until we bought, by then i was so sick of working out who owed who. Smile what exactly will be no plastic? i am just wondering because plastic containers are really useful, but i probably wouldn't buy many of them second hand Smile so i am unsure what you mean.

  2. cassandra Says:

    One of the reasons I want to combine finances is so I don't have to deal with splitting things 50-50 or by percentage of income..

    What I mean by no plastic is: the less plastic items in the house, the better. Plastic containers are handy, but there are alternatives that can be found (glass tupperware, etc). I would just rather use as little plastic items as possible. There are some items that you can't get around plastic (like toothpaste- I've never seen in toothpaste in anything but a plastic tube) but the items that I can buy in other materials, I will.

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