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I'm not worried, are you?

April 27th, 2009 at 07:10 pm

Today was a weird day.

I got to school a little yearly and talked to a couple friends while we were waiting for the class to begin. The subject turned to the Mexican Swine Flu. One girl thinks it is man-made and a result of bio-terrorism. She launched into a big conspiracy theory about it. I didn't pay much attention to the theory but I don't believe it. I think this will pass as long as everyone is cautious and washes their hands properly, etc.

So I went to the grocery store today. I spent a whopping $142! But I went to two stores- Walmart for everything but chicken and salmon and a second store for the chicken and salmon. The salmon cost $20! I wonder if I should start getting that at Walmart. The Walmart near me sells good produce and meats, but the salmon today didn't look great. The second store is a lot more expensive, but their seafood looked more reliable.

I learned a lesson today in reading the product label thoroughly. I wanted to buy avocado for sandwiches but didn't want to buy a whole avocado- I just wanted the inside (does that make sense?). So while looking in the produce section, I saw this container that said "Avocado" so I grabbed it. I got home and discovered that it is Avocado veggie dip. It tastes weird on sandwiches but really good on crackers. I guess I broke even. Smile

I'm going to try a new recipe tonight. It is this: here. It looks easy to make, but I'm not sure how it will taste. But it is always good to try new things, right?

My online payment to my CC went through just fine. I'm glad I figured out online bill pay. It will become very useful.

10 Responses to “I'm not worried, are you?”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    i dont get what you mean by wanting the inside of the avocado... isn't that what you eat anyway???

  2. cassandra Says:

    Yes, that is what I eat.

    Argh. I'm having trouble explaining this.

    I didn't want to buy a whole avocado (skin and everything). I want the avocado to put on sandwiches, so I was looking for a container of the inside of the avocado. At sandwich places (at least the ones here), you can request avocado on the sandwich and they scoop it from a container. That is what I am looking for.

  3. Petunia Says:

    I am not worried about swine flu.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    oh ok... so you want an avocado spread? because the only thing i think you will have trouble with, is that avocado only lasts a day or two when opened without some type of preservative to keep it 'fresh'. so i *think* i know what you mean.... Big Grin

  5. cassandra Says:

    Lol. The avocado spread sounds right. I just couldn't think of the name and am really bad at explaining some things. At least someone gets it!

  6. whitestripe Says:

    *yay* lol. maybe look for avocado dip, in the deli section, and then narrow it down to one that has the most avocado percentage. you will probably find one that just has avocado, sour cream, salt and lemon juice. Smile hope i helped.

  7. ceejay74 Says:

    Maybe look for a guacamole that doesn't have too much extras. That's about what whitestripe described.

  8. creditcardfree Says:

    Mmmm...that pizza looks so good! Enjoy.

    Nope, not too worried about the swine flu. There is talk of bio-terrorism, but that is not a fact at this point.

    Good luck finding your avocado spread!

  9. cassandra Says:

    I will also look for the guacamole, ceejay74. Thank you!

    And the pizza was delicious! I changed it a little (spaghetti sauce and no red onions), but it was still really, really good.

  10. homebody Says:

    My daughters were supposed to leave for Mexico 5/5/2009. I am glad they cancelled. No reason to chance it in my humble opinion.

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