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If at first you don't succeed

April 24th, 2009 at 07:14 pm

try, try again.

I attempted to do online bill pay yesterday. I went to my CC website and put in my checking account number, how much I wanted to pay (full balance- $78), and set up the payment for today. I just checked and there was no payment made. It didn't even show a pending payment.

So I went over to my bank account (the checking account showed no pending payment either) and set up a payment for today for $78 to that CC. It says it will go through in two business days, on the 28th.

So we will wait and see. Worst case is that I send two payments of $78 resulting in a credit of $78.

My French class was cancelled today so my friend and I went to a juice place. First time I've been there. I got an "Oreo Speedway" and it was delicious! Wasn't the best drink to get on a cold day (really should have gone for the hot coco but next time!).

There is an odd smell in the house that I need to track down. I think my brother left some food in his room and forgot about it...

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