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Last day as a teenager

March 6th, 2009 at 04:59 pm

Yep, tomorrow I turn 20! Yay!

Today my boyfriend and I went shopping as I needed more work clothes. Didn't find what I was looking for so sometime next week I'll go to a couple different stores.

My boyfriend gave me my present today, which was a really pretty red cardigan, a pink leather wallet, and some perfume. We also went out for lunch today and got some chocolate cake.

The floor guy is coming on Monday to replace the dining room carpet and to put in the linoleum in the pantry. I have no idea how long it will take, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is only a day or two. The company that is doing the countertops is having trouble finding the same color granite as our existing counters, so that might take an extra few days.

The interest on my IRA is still coming in very slow. But at least I am making some money, right?

I looked over my older posts and figured out something interesting. It took me nearly 17 months to save the first $1,000 in my IRA. However, since then it has only taken me 5 months to save another $700, and I'll probably be able to save the other $300 (and giving me my second $1,000 in my IRA) in the next few months. I'm getting better at this. Big Grin

I don't know if I mentioned this in my previous post, but tomorrow I am working. And the banquet that I am working is a 90th birthday party. It highly amused me that on my birthday I am working a birthday party.

13 Responses to “Last day as a teenager”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Happy Birthday to you!! 20 is an odd year...not quite fully adult...and no longer teen. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and coming year!!!

  2. Blue Eyes Says:

    Have a happy birthday!!

  3. MariRDH Says:

    Happy early Birthday! Smile
    I used to be a banquet server at a resort. I loved that job! Great money and fairly easy work. Now that I work with patients all day long it is probably a funny thing to say, but I loved that I didn't have to interact with almost anyone. I just went in, set up before anyone arrived, put the food out with a smile on my face and stripped the room down after everyone left. Very low stress. I hope your 90th party goes well tomorrow on your 20th!

  4. miclason Says:

    Happy 20th!

  5. momcents Says:

    Happy birthday! Have a good day!

  6. lizajane Says:

    Happy Birthday to you!

  7. oceansluver78 Says:

    Happy Birthday Smile I remember on my birthdays working in a Olive Garden having to serve people celebrating thier birthday......It did make for bigger tips though haha

  8. cassandra Says:

    Thanks everyone! My family and I have already pretty much celebrated my birthday so it feels like it already passed. Lol.

  9. Amber Says:

    Aahhhhh 20, hmmm don't I wish Big Grin But just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoy Smile

  10. cassandra Says:

    Thanks Amber!

  11. whitestripe Says:

    happy birthday!

  12. cassandra Says:

    Thank you! It was a good day today. Smile

  13. HouseHopeful Says:

    Happy 20th Birthday!

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